Purpose & Mission

“Our Purpose is to help our clients enhance their lives and their profitability.”

Our Mission: to create media—online, off-line graphic design, illustration, photography, video, and ad copy—that meets the highest standards of excellence and beauty. We feel we would be wasting our time and yours if we settled for anything less. Besides, mediocre just wouldn’t be much fun.

Mediashox.com is the company of fine arts painter, designer, author, and filmmaker, D. A. Metrov, whose work has been recognized world-wide for the last 30 years. Born in Los Angeles, Metrov grew up in Ontario, California, the small, one-time dairy capital of Southern California’s “Inland Empire.” Because his father was the town photographer and amateur filmmaker, Metrov acquired his first still camera at age 7, and his first super8mm movie camera at age 9. At the same time, his mother nurtured his artistic abilities, encouraging him to copy drawings and paintings of Michelangelo and DaVinci. He attended UCLA film school then moved to New York City where he worked for ten years as an illustrator, graphic designer, and fine arts painter. Early on, he was a featured illustrator for world renowned Push Pin Studios, the only graphic design studio to ever exhibit in the Paris Louvre. 

D. A. Metrov

D. A. Metrov

Taking sabbatical in Rome, Italy, Metrov studied the oil painting techniques of Renaissance Masters. Returning to New York, he became a sought-after portrait artist for New York celebrities such as Margaux Hemmingway and Ben Vereen. His fine art paintings now reside in prominent collections worldwide. Metrov returned to film when he collaborated on several projects with Abel Ferrara, one of New York’s preeminent underground filmmakers.

Inspired by the early works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, Metrov wrote SOLARBABIES, a futuristic, action-adventure movie for young adults starring Jason Patric, Jami Gertz, and Lucas Haas. He partnered with Mark Johnson (who went on to win the Academy Award for RAIN MAN), and sold the project to Mel Brooks (Academy Award winner of THE PRODUCERS). SOLARBABIES is still in distribution by MGM.

Some of Metrov’s writing mentors have been Menno Meyjes (Academy Award nominee for THE COLOR PURPLE), Walon Green (acclaimed writer of THE WILD BUNCH), and Bruce Joel Rubin (Academy Award winning writer of GHOST). Metrov’s first agent was Jack Rapke, head of the Motion Picture Department of the Creative Artists Agency, now producer for Robert Zemeckis (Academy  Award winning director of FORREST GUMP).

Metrov has authored numerous screenplays and novels. He has written, produced, and directed two feature films, DARK SPIRAL and LITTLE EDEN, as well as several short films, including award-winning, EPHEMORA. His novels, among them the FALCON LORD series, THE TERRIBLE QUEST OF THADDEUS PENNYBROOK’S KNEE-HIGH STEAMBOTS, ANATOMY OF A WEREWOLF, and MACHINE OF GOD, can be purchased on Amazon.com and Smashwords. At the same time, he has managed to continue producing fine art paintings and prints.

Metrov has multiple novel, graphic novel, and motion picture projects in development, most currently, the GODDESS films, comprised of the short and feature-length versions of an allegorical story that pays homage to Planet Earth. Metrov has been represented by top literary agents in both Los Angeles and New York City.

D. A. Metrov currently resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Maureen O’Brien, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and one fearless, rodent-hunting feline named after the River Ganges. He loves animals and nature, and can be found swimming or riding his mountain bike at Ellwood Bluffs almost any day of the year.